Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information


Personal Details

Born: May 2nd, 1998 in Helsinki, Finland

Nationality: Finnish


Espoo Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School 2014- (The Matriculation Examination 2017)

Espoo Yhteislyseo Upper Comprehensive School 2011-2014 (2014 Comprehensive School Examination Certificate)

Hansakallio Lower Comprehensive School 2005-2011

Language skills

Finnish: mother tongue

English: oral skills excellent, written skills very good

Swedish: oral skills basics, written skills basics

Computer skills

I know how to use the basic PC programs: Word, Power Point and Microsoft Excel. I’m good at searching for information from the internet and using websites. I can use different blog tools including Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. I’m on social media and therefore I am capable of using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.

Work Experience

4-15.11.2013 Cafe Rento Espoo – Period Of Work Experience

Position: trainee

Job Description: I washed the dishes, cleaned the floors and the tables, took out the trash and I also helped the customers.

Hobbies And Interests

Reading, writing, food, dogs, travelling, football, music, cinema, history.

Special Skills

I have good social skills and I work very well with people, but I’m also capable of working independently. I’m honest, hard-working and I come up with creative ideas. I’m curious about new things and I like to explore the world. I like to be the leader and take charge of things, but I always follow the instructions. I work well under pressure and I can keep my head cool in tough situations.


When I was in Upper Comprehensive School I was in the student association for three years and I also helped the new seventh graders to adapt to our school. In Upper Comprehensive School I designed and organized different school projects and parties. Now as a first grader in Upper Secondary School I’m in the student association and I try to participate as much as I can in different school projects. 

Special Courses

2014 The Hygiene Pass



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